LED Nail Trimmer
LED Nail Trimmer
LED Nail Trimmer
LED Nail Trimmer
LED Nail Trimmer
LED Nail Trimmer
LED Nail Trimmer
LED Nail Trimmer

LED Nail Trimmer

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⚠️Are you afraid of hurting your best friend by cutting their nerves while trimming their nails?⚠️

With our brand, new Nail Trimmer you will never have to worry about that again


Features ✔️

⦁ The professional nail trimmer is designed to make nail clipping easier and safer. and it comes with protective guards to prevent "over trimming"

⦁ It comes with a 5x Magnification lens to help you see the veins better

⦁ It comes with a very bright LED light which helps highlighting the internal wain in the nail to see how far your supposed to trim.

⦁ 3 different LED light settings: Off, always on and trigger position (that the light turns on as you squees your hand)

⦁ It has a simple storage department for the nails after they get cut, for easier and faster cleaning

⦁ The Nail Trimmer is lightweight and comes in stainless steel to prevent rust.

⦁ The handles are in a non-slip material to make it more steady and secure to use.

⦁ If you are having difficulty cutting your pet's nails, make sure to cut quickly and firmly. This will avoid any cracking or hangnails.  


  Will the LED light illuminate the quick in dark or black nails?
ANSWER: No, The nail trimmers light is only able to illuminate the quick in light or clear-colored nails. 

⦁ Can PetiCare be used on cats?
Answer: Yes! the nail trimmer can be used to trim both dog and cat nails!

⦁ What batteries does it use?
 Answer: LR33/AG44

⦁  Will the blades need to be replaced?
Answer: Yes, the Nail trimmer blades will need to be replaced when you see wear or a drop in performance. Timing will vary depending on how often you cut your pet's nails, the type of animal, and breed.

For more profound how to use description please watch this video👇👇👇

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